Empower Yourself Today

Empower Yourself Today

What does empowerment mean to you?

The dictionary defines “empower” as:

1. to give power or authority to; authorize, especially by legal or official means.
2. to enable or permit.

In a healing context, Pranic Healing “empowers” us to be able to do something to help someone, that we were previously unable to do.  Pranic Healing is empowering in that it gives us the power to relieve suffering, an ability that we maybe didn’t know we had before.

Taking the Basic Pranic Healing class is a very empowering experience for learning how to accelerate physical healing.  And learning Pranic Psychotherapy (in addition to learning physical healing) can be a particularly powerful experience because the effects of the emotional healing process on clients can be so dramatic and immediate.  For example, can you imagine:

· Being able to help someone,  in the midst of an full blown anxiety attack, to turn “off” the panic and feel calm again.

· Helping someone, who is suffering from the news of a friend’s traumatic death, to ease and release the extreme physical pain in her stomach and relax before going into a job interview.

· Being able to help a friend’s son, diagnosed with mental illness, to sleep through the night, shift away from a destructive pattern of behavior and begin to focus on schoolwork.

· Helping another friend release the energy of a particular fear that had a stranglehold on her life and was adversely affecting her family.

Before I learned Pranic Psychotherapy, if I had been presented with any one of these scenarios, realistically, what would I have been able to do?  Quite frankly, I would not have been able to help at all.  Maybe some words of encouragement and a hug, but nothing of any substance to positively affect the situation.

It was only after I took MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy that I became empowered to understand the principles that allow healing, deep healing, to take place on the emotional level.

You too can learn the simple, yet profound techniques for what to do in each of these situations.  I learned that by using Pranic Psychotherapy, I could make a huge difference in someone’s emotional life.  That these techniques can help ease people’s suffering and improve the quality of not just their lives, but their family’s lives too.  And you can too.

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