What is Energy Healing?

What is Energy Healing?

Let’s break it down:  What is Energy?  What is Healing?

Energy is everything.  Quantum physics tells us that the whole universe appears as a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns.  That on the subatomic level, the “particles” are connected in some way that transcends time and space.  This is a much different paradigm than the ideas put forth by 17th century Newtonian physics, which has been the foundation for our insistence on seeing ourselves simply as solid objects.

Healing is restoring a living system to balance.       The living system could be the energy of our physical body, our  mental/emotional aspect or the energy of a relationship.  Each has its own unique and optimal flow, that when compromised, can result in the manifestation of disharmony.  This disharmony is called “disease.”

The bottom line is that wellness is more than diet, proper weight and exercise.  Health is not just the suppression of symptoms.  Health and wellness encompass mind, body and spirit.  Finding balance on all dimensions.  Energy healing can empower you to make a difference in your own life by giving you the tools to achieve this balance.

Pranic Healing is often called “acupuncture without needles.”  This no-touch modality offers us a new way to reduce healthcare costs and increase employee productivity.  How?  By addressing the root cause of chronic health conditions.  By understanding that the symptoms themselves are merely representative of an underlying energetic imbalance. Energy Healing goes to the source of the imbalance, and corrects it on an energetic level. As a result, the symptoms naturally resolve themselves.

Pranic Healing can teach you, your family and your employees how to reduce stress and change the behaviors that result in high-cost chronic diseases. And change them for good.  With chronic diseases increasing across every age group, there has never been a more important time to tackle them.

Curious?  Learn what Pranic Healing can do for you today.

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