Ever get that feeling that something is just not quite right?

Ever get that feeling that something is just not quite right?

Pranic Healing is an energy healing modality primarily structured around specific conditions and protocols to address them. Take, for example, preparing for surgery. Before the surgery, Pranic Healing offers a protocol to strengthen the immune system, cleanse and balance all the energetics, and to prepare the body for the physical trauma of the actual surgery. After the surgery, once again we offer the strengthening the immune system protocol (to help reduce any post-op infections), rapid healing of a fresh wound protocol as well cleansing the liver to help support its ability to detox from the anesthesia. This practice of supplementing with these energy healing protocols has the effect of super-charging the body’s self-healing ability, making recovery from surgery potentially much quicker and easier.

But sometimes, what’s going on with a person is a little more non-descript and difficult to quantify. Like when you’re just not feeling quite right. In my practice, I have met a number of people who have said that since they have had surgery with a general anesthesia, something just seems “off.” They say that the subject of the surgery has healed fine, but ever since the general, they just feel different. They cannot quantify it either as a physical condition or a psychological condition, so often they do not know who to go see. They just feel like something is not right.

From an energetic perspective, it is important to understand that some significant things happen to a person’s energy anatomy when undergoing general anesthesia. When left to its own devises, the energy body usually (eventually) recovers from that impact. Sometimes, though, the energy body gets stuck, doesn’t quite recover, and we end up in the situation where there is something intangible, unquantifiable (using standard medical testing), but that the person knows is not quite right. This is where Pranic Healing can help.

One client, who elected to have energy healing done as she was coming out of surgery into post-op (while she was still in the hospital), described her experience of transitioning from anesthesia as “waking up and wanting to dance” – the nurses couldn’t believe she was feeling so good and recovering so quickly. And the direct result of her energy anatomy being back “on line” and intact almost immediately had a profound effect on the healing of her physical body. So if you have an elective surgery coming up, consider the benefits of preparing yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

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