My Secret Superpower

My Secret Superpower

My transition from litigation attorney to Energy Healing Practitioner/Instructor didn’t happen overnight. It was the result of a number of incremental paradigm shifts over time.

It all started when, after experiencing chronic stress and not having any tools to manage it, that (no surprise) my body got sick. I, of course, turned to Western Medicine, only to be told that there was only so much they could do and that there were certain symptoms that I was going to have to live with. “Really?” I thought. Not being the type to take “no” for an answer, I started exploring other healing approaches. Now remember, I was born and raised on Western Medicine. I basically didn’t know anything else. For me, Chiropractic was “super-exotic.” But I stretched my comfort zones and explored chiropractic, massage and acupuncture. I read a lot of research about the idea that there’s more to us than meets the eye, that maybe we are surrounded by an invisible energy field. Eventually my explorations lead to the practice of energy healing, and to Pranic Healing. It was during these sessions that the symptoms started disappearing. I didn’t understand process completely, but when the symptoms went away and stayed away, I knew I had to learn more. And so I studied these invisible energy fields, and realized that Chinese Medicine practitioners had known about these things for thousands of years.

The next paradigm shift involved understanding the physical effect of this invisible energy. Pranic Healing, as a no-touch modality, presented an intellectual challenge. I had never experienced anything like this before, and couldn’t understand how someone moving their hands near (not on) my body could possibly influence it physically. But then I started thinking about other invisible energies that we work with, like a microwave oven (which seemed pretty normal and definitely had a physical effect on the food). And even medical applications of “invisible energy” like x-rays, radiation therapy to destroy tumors, ultrasound to break up kidney stones, and electrical stimulation to jump start the healing process in broken bones that won’t heal. That all seemed pretty reasonable, and so I figured, there must be a natural process of invisible energy that operates the same way, that has a physical effect of strengthening the body’s ability to heal itself.

After that, the next paradigm shift came when I began to understand that all the pain-killers, anti-inflammatory, etc., products and pharmaceuticals generally weren’t helping to “cure” us, they were only suppressing the symptoms enough for us to function. That ultimately the body has the ability to heal itself (although that process can get stuck), and that wellness is more than the absence of symptoms.   I learned that a symptom (such as pain) is like a messenger, and that when we artificially silence the message, the underlying cause usually doesn’t change. It’s like taking the batteries out of the fire alarm. That doesn’t put out the fire.  That process needs to happen on a deeper level.  On the energetic level.

Once I was able to wrap my brain around these ideas and actually use this process of energy healing, the final paradigm shift I had to go through was being open to how fast healing can really happen when working on both the physical and energetic levels.  The medical doctors have their opinions about how things should progress.  But for me, my personal experience receiving Pranic Healing sessions was completely different from their prognosis. Then, after I took the training and began helping other people, I continued to witness accelerated self-healing. Whether it was the woman who was able to stop smoking after one session, or the cyclist whose broken ribs healed in two weeks, or the woman who would update me week by week as she watched her tumor shrink, I was consistently astounded at these amazing results, many of which were not only faster than, but contrary to what their doctors had told them was possible. Not because I personally have any “superpowers,” but because energy healing is truly that powerful. And Pranic Healing is accessible enough that even I, with no background in the healing arts, could learn how to use it.

If you had told me 20+ years ago when I was graduating from Law School that not only would I not be practicing law, but that I would be working in a field I didn’t even know existed … I would have laughed! But now I can’t imagine a life without this work. It is that important. I invite you to explore this modality as well and learn for yourself how when we change our energy, we can change our life.

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