Stressed?  Who me?

Stressed? Who me?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. And try as you might, sometimes there just isn’t any avoiding the family gatherings, the ‘playful’ banter, the distant relative who is the ‘worst-case scenario’ expert and last but not least, your mom … who likes nothing better than to push your buttons. It’s almost like a sport.

Well, this year can be different. Sure, your relatives will all be the same as they usually are, but YOU can be different. You can stay cool. You can be unaffected by their nonsense. And by managing your stress response to their behavior, believe it or not, you can actually begin to effect a change in whole family dynamic.

What’s this all about? Well it has to do with shifting your perspective on things. Primarily shifting your perspective on who you are, and then expanding your understanding about how stress changes who you are. You see, we are more than just our physical body. We also have an energy body, the same energy body that acupuncture has been working with for thousands of years. The health and well-being of this energy body directly influences the health and well-being of our physical body. The good news is that we can shift our physical response to stress by managing the condition of our energy body, to keep it clear of any stress energy accumulations, and by ‘exercising’ it to keep it strong and resilient.

Pranic Healing offers us tools for both of these strategies: powerful techniques to clear stress energy out of our energy fields – simple enough for us to do every day! And Pranic Healing provides another effective tool for stress management — a guided meditation, called Meditation on Twin Hearts. It’s a loving-kindness practice that super-activates our heart energy center, so that even when we are facing our greatest holiday challenges, we have experience staying strong in our heart center. And that is often what makes all the difference.

To successfully change a habit, we need to become consciously aware of our old behavior, and how it is not working for us. Notice the triggers. Then, we need to realize that there is not only a different way to respond, but that doing so is within our capacity. Anyone can learn and successfully perform these energy healing skills. So the next time the stressful trigger presents itself, we remember that there is an alternative. We recall these new skills because we have practiced them in similar situations. And when we go to that holiday party, we are skillful, confident and competent with our stress management technique. Because when we change our energy, we can change our lives.

Happy holidays!!

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