Lag Time

Lag Time

When we think about healing with Western Medicine, we often think of it as a direct cause/effect linear process.  For example, when a person has a headache, they take a pill.  And if one pill is good, two pills are better.  And then the headache goes away.  When we transition over to the world of energy healing, we can also see that sometimes a certain amount of energy healing can directly result in a certain amount of physical healing.  But other times it’s more involved than that.

Working with the body’s capacity for self-healing is a bit more of a process sometimes, which can take place in a number of different ways, depending on the person.  The most perplexing situation is where a person receives a session of energy healing, and then walks away feeling exactly the same physically.  To them, we just spent an hour together and “it didn’t work.”  How do you explain to them that yes, it’s still a good idea to come back for the rest of the sessions?  One way of looking at how healing can take place is like a “phase transition,” where the body receives a series of healing sessions (with no apparent change) and then suddenly something shifts.   Like when we cool a glass of water, it gets colder and colder each time with no apparent physical change, and then all of a sudden (*!Phase Transition!*): the water turns to ice.   Or if we have a giant boulder on the top of a hill that the healer is nudging, nudging, nudging … and then it finally rolls downhill.

This may explain why some people receive a session or two of healing, and don’t notice any physical improvement.  But others who stick with it for longer will often notice what seems like a plateau, and then a significant shift.  There’s a lot of reorganization taking place on the energetic level, and it often takes some time for this to translate down to the physical level.

Healing can also happen spontaneously and dramatically.  What decides which person experiences the spontaneous remission and which person requires the critical mass before they improve?  If a one hour session is good, is a two-hour session better?  Good questions.

Regardless of how the healing progresses, in little bursts of progress or like opening up a spillway, when we monitor the energetic progress using scanning, we can provide information about what is happening “behind the scenes” on the energetic level.  Lag Time is the duration of time things take to shift from the energetic level to the physical level.  Everybody’s situation is different, and their particular journey will be unique.  But one thing all healing has in common is that the shifts take place on the energetic level first, and then manifest on the physical level.

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