Rye Bread Revelations

Rye Bread Revelations

As I was mixing up a batch of rye bread this afternoon, I caught myself stirring more than just the dough.  While standing there, I observed my mind getting stirred up over a situation I am involved with, one that has a certain amount of emotional charge to it.  As soon as I noticed this, I immediately stopped working the dough and redirected my attention to something positive.  You see, these thoughts — the energy of these thoughts — can get embedded in the food we are handling.

In that movie, “Like Water for Chocolate,” Tita has to make a wedding cake for her sister, who is marrying the man Tita is in love with— and of course she is crying into the cake batter.  At the reception, the wedding guests are all overcome with sadness – in energetic terms, that is “transference of energy.”  Maybe you have heard that Chinese saying, “When the cook is happy, the family is healthy.”  This is same principle behind saying Grace at meals: when we ask for blessings on our food, the energy transfers into our food from a really high frequency source.  Not like the low frequency negative thoughts and emotions.

I remember a friend of mine who brought some “therapy cookies” to a gathering.  When I asked her what a therapy cookie is, she explained that she was having a difficult time with a situation, so she “worked it all out” by making these cookies.  Hmmm.  I think I’ll pass on those for sure.  Although, as an alternative, I recommend those who are sensitive to energy to regularly clear their food — even just of the accumulation of energy from the farm to the distributor to the grocery store, because you don’t know what kind of mood the person was in who moved the box from here to there.  People energetically clear their food because it makes them feel better when they eat it.

Energy transference is happening all the time — between people and things, between people and people — whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  Regardless of your sensitivity to energy, this is something that is important to pay attention to.  Join me for the Energy Hygiene seminar on Saturday, August 6, and learn about how to manage energy transference between yourself, your family and your clients.

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