Lighter and Brighter

Lighter and Brighter

If you’re at all sensitive to energy, you’ve probably noticed that the energy outside is pretty dicey.  With perhaps the most toxic election in history coming to a peak in the next week or so, and just the overall craziness level out there being pretty high, it can be super helpful (you might say “essential”) to have a refuge or a retreat environment at home where we can release all the energy we’ve picked up as we are out and about; where we can relax our guard and (most importantly) where we can restore our energy and be ready for the next day.  That’s where space clearing comes in.

Energetic space clearing has to do with clearing out all the low frequency energy from our home, our office, and our treatments rooms, and filling it with clear, clean, high frequency energy.  Space clearing is a practice that is part of many different traditions, with many different techniques.  The important thing about space clearing is that you actually do it, and that you do it regularly.

Some signs that we might need to do a clearing include: inexplicable discomfort being in a particular room; unusual disharmony in relationships; feelings of lethargy with no other explanation; unusual difficulty going to sleep and/or difficulty waking up; issues with finances; and aches/pains that won’t resolve.

In my practice, I’ve had personal contact with many students and clients who complain about various physical and psychological issues lingering and failing to resolve.  When we implement a regular space clearing protocol, they start feeling better physically, aches and pains resolve, emotional challenges clear up.  The space clearing helps them maintain more energy, a better outlook, and be more optimistic.  Even the pets seem to do better.  Overall, the feedback from clients is that the space feels “lighter and brighter” and they feel better.

A 2004 double-blinded research study on the effect of Pranic Healing on the labor and delivery process investigated the effect of doing space clearing in a hospital setting.  The researchers specifically tracked the number of delivery cases requiring medications and the number of cases involving complications, among other things, and compared them to the prior three years data, during which no space clearing had been happening.  The results were that during the eleven months of regular space clearing in the maternity ward, the percentage of cases without complications went up, and the percentage of cases requiring pain medication went down significantly.

Regular space clearing is an important part of a comprehensive wellness package. Consider booking your regularly scheduled space clearing today.

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