All in the Family

All in the Family

I got to work with a client today on a minor, secondary respiratory issue – one that we visit occasionally as we continue to work on her primary topic. Each time we have checked in on this respiratory issue, she has mentioned that her father and her sister have both had this same condition and that maybe it’s just the way things are going to be. This is a common way of rationalizing away things we think we cannot control. But each time she says this, it presents an energetic obstacle to our moving forward, so I chose today to actually address this.

We talked about how this statement points to a belief system that no matter what she does, things are not going to change. So if that is what she is comfortable with, that’s fine, and we’ll work on other things. But if she really wants to address and change the respiratory issue, she needs to be a conscious participant on the intellectual level and begin to re-frame her interaction with this physical symptom as if it could actually change. She was interested in how to do this, which is why we proceeded.

Fortunately, she had heard of epigenetics, so that made my job easier. She understood that yes, there are genes, and that yes, traits can be inherited. But what epigenetics teaches us is that there are other influences to gene expression and that some genes can be up –regulated, and others can be down-regulated. One factor is our conscious thoughts, feelings and words.

I suggested to her that another way she could approach talking about her symptoms is that “Even though my father and my sister have had this, that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to have it.” As we progress with the sessions, this statement will likely be refined to more strongly represent her desired outcome, but this is a good first step.  With both of us working together on this respiratory issue, her on the conscious level — and me on the energetic level — things are sure to move much faster now.

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