I Feel Your Pain

I Feel Your Pain

I had an amazing, miraculous healing on my shoulder this week … the shoulder I’ve been working on, gotten acupuncture for, multiple medical massages – all to no avail.  What did I finally do?  I worked on my husband. 

You see, my husband is an athlete, and has had multiple injuries with his shoulder.  So much so that he says he just doesn’t notice the aches and pains there because they’re just a part of his life.  Recently, his shoulder issue had been increasing, but true to form, he didn’t notice it, or didn’t say anything if he did notice it – you know the drill.  Well, I had been noticing it – in my own shoulder!

You’ve heard people say, “I feel your pain” as a figure of speech, or statement of empathy.  Well, this was quite literal.  I was feeling his pain.  But I had no idea it was his.  When he finally mentioned something about his shoulder I did some Pranic Healing on it.  He was initially skeptical because he said “It’s been this way for years” and didn’t expect any improvement.  But lo and behold, not only was he surprised that his shoulder felt better, we were both surprised that my shoulder felt better too!!

People in a relationship are connected energetically.  Sometimes we help each other out by taking on the other person’s burdens.  I see this all the time in my caseload between people and family members, between people and their pets.  When I first started noticing this in pets, I checked in with a veterinarian and asked him if he had noticed people and their animals sharing the same disorder, or similar aches and pains.  He said, “all the time.”  Something to think about.

But that’s not to say that everything we experience is because of another person’s energy.  Just that it is an often overlooked category of contribution that is worth exploring, particularly for the energetically sensitive person – whether you are a healer or another profession.  Especially when everything you are doing seems to be going nowhere.  You could be focusing on the wrong person!

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