When Lightning Strikes

When Lightning Strikes

I was catching up with a friend recently, and she mentioned so casually that well, things just haven’t been the same since she was stuck by lightning in October.  Struck by lightning?!?  No kidding things aren’t the same.  She mentioned issues with memory, reduced intuitive ability, and general low energy.  What had her doctor offered?  Not much, so she is just moving forward with her life and her job, although struggling to regain the semblance of normalcy that she had before.

Fortunately for her, I have experience with this sort of thing.  One client of mine is an equestrian, and for a few months she and her electric fence just could not stay away from each other. Over and over.  So I got a lot of experience working on electrocution cases.  Which is important because there are some specific, rather particular energetic issues that need to be addressed for an optimum recovery.

Think of what happens with your household electrical system when it receives a power surge.  The household wiring gets overwhelmed and typically a fuse blows shutting down the flow of electricity through the system.  Similarly with your body, a surge of electricity can wreak havoc on the energy anatomy.  Unlike a building, the body does not have a fuse that can stop the energy from flowing.  The part that takes the brunt of the impact is the subtle energy system.  And if the energy anatomy is not repaired, the physical body remains in an impaired state.

Ask a western medicine practitioner and they will tell you there is no ‘specific’ treatment for lightning injuries.  That the anatomical tests like CT scan, MRI or blood tests come back normal, because this is more of a “functional” issue than a physical issue.   Fortunately there is more we can do from an energetic perspective.  So, just like you would call an electrician to work on your home’s electrical system, if your body is struck by lightning, call a specialist for your body’s energy system!

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