Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon

Maybe it’s just me, but these things tend to happen mostly on a Sunday night.  Coming home after teaching Advanced Pranic Healing all weekend, before I even got to unpacking and sorting through things, my Rottweiler was obviously in need of assistance.  Apparently he’d been getting progressively sicker all day, vomiting and lethargy.  He was laying there in a pile on the floor.  No enthusiasm.  Eyelids super-droopy.  His body felt heavy, like very low vital energy.  Barely wanting to move. 

So we reviewed what we had fed him all weekend, and nothing unusual on the list.  Then we remembered on Saturday night’s walk, he was very interested in a particular shrubbery.  In fact, he was about half-way into the hedge when I realized I had no idea what he was doing in there, and pulled him out.  Apparently there was something that he had gotten into in a gastric sort of way.  Scanning his energy body confirmed that hypothesis.  The solution?  A powerful Pranic Healing session using the “Cleansing the Internal Organs” technique as well as the protocol for food poisoning.  By Monday afternoon, he was up and interested in food, ready to go for his walk with a bounce in his step!

My other dog, a Mastiff-mix, who is usually the most super-low maintenance dog – all of a sudden developed this gigantic hot spot on her abdomen.  Like, overnight.  Maybe it was a bug bite that she just went after, and it turned into a red hot scaly mess.  Chewing and licking and just generally fussing with it almost constantly.  Anyway, there it was.  What to do?

A very effective approach is to do all the physical first-aid first – washing and dressing and all that – and then the Pranic Healing technique for clearing excessive red energy.  The skin went from bright red to light red to pink within a few hours of regular sessions.  By the next day, she was leaving it alone on her own.  By Wednesday, just occasional maintenance sessions.

So yes, even though it was a Sunday night, each of these sessions took really only 15 or 20 minutes each.  Pranic Healing® is super-easy for regular people to learn and apply, with excellent results.  What’s in your toolkit?

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