Choke Interrupted!

Choke Interrupted!

One of the most important things I have learned with Pranic Healing is how to do remote scanning and distance healing.  I don’t know how I ever managed without these two skills.  I literally use them all the time.  Like the other day I was out of town on vacation, and the barn owner calls at 9:30 pm saying my horse is experiencing choke.  Right away while I was on the phone with her, I scanned my horse’s energy to see what was going on.  There was definitely a certain “stuckness” in his throat that I could feel and specifically locate.

Now we’ve had to work together with choke a couple of times, and I’m familiar with the energy pattern my horse presents when experiencing choke from a stress-induced  situation. I wasn’t seeing a similar pattern this time.  Maybe the record heat was a factor and he was a bit dehydrated.  Maybe it was the new delivery of alfalfa that was just different enough, because he has been eating hay successfully.  Or maybe it was something about the new horse on the property.  Who knows.

What I did know was exactly what to do energetically to help alleviate his situation.  And I did this from where I was on vacation, hundreds of miles away from home.  While the barn owner was doing the physical task of hosing his mouth and massaging his neck, I did the energy work remotely.  First, the major energy center of the throat needed to be cleared, activated and energized.  This helps strengthen the energy of all the physical anatomy of the throat, and removes all sluggish tendency, particularly in the esophagus.  Super important when dealing with stuck food.

Next, using advanced color-energy applications, the esophagus needed to be dilated.  This is the same energy technique used in an asthma attack to dilate the bronchial tubes, and in a birthing situation to dilate the cervix.  This process helps to create more spaciousness in the physical anatomy for the food to become unstuck and travel down to the stomach.

Also, his throat was energized with a particular frequency of energy that lubricates the interior of the esophagus and help the food slide down the throat.  And of course, he received a stress relief treatment to keep the rest of his energy calm and relaxed.  All the time I was constantly scanning his energy to evaluate the “stuckness” of his throat, and it continued to improve until I couldn’t feel anything stuck anymore.

When the vet arrives at 10:30 pm, she says my horse is bright, alert and responsive.  She tubes him down to his stomach and finds no obstruction.  A big “non-event.”  Pretty good resolution, considering I wasn’t even there.  Interested in learning how to do this too?  Yes, you can. 

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