Earthquake in December

Earthquake in December

Did you feel the earthquake yesterday?  I have to admit, it took me by surprise, and immediately my mind went to all the things I had done already to prepare, as well as the few things that were still waiting to be done.  It was time to move them up the priority list and get them finished.  And then after all the preparations are made, it is also important to review them, practice the process of evacuation or shelter in place, and feel confident that everything is in order.

Holidays can be like an earthquake for some people … it just rocks their world.   If you don’t have a personal practice of self-healing or meditation right now, this is a good time to think about preparedness.  Start getting ready before the family gathering or stressful office event.  You will find that regular practice helps develop a strong, stable foundation.  So when something comes along and shakes things up, you have the duration and the consistency of your practice to fall back on.

The most important part of our practice is self-care.  Self-care is not something you get to when it is convenient.  If you don’t practice self-care when things are routine and normal, how can you expect to be effective during a crisis?  As you do regular self-care, you increase your capacity to handle situations, so what would have been a crisis is manageable.  You develop the skills to control the situation, rather than the situation controlling you.

Like a cloak of effortless stability.  It’s a process of becoming.

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