Meditation: like snow tires?

Over the years, I’ve tried to convey to people what meditation is, what it does, details, research, etc., and I feel like my “left brain” explanation has always fallen short of the value of the practice.  But now, I have finally found the perfect metaphor for meditation:  studded snow tires!!  Really … hear me out. Read More

Earthquake in December

Did you feel the earthquake yesterday?  I have to admit, it took me by surprise, and immediately my mind went to all the things I had done already to prepare, as well as the few things that were still waiting to be done.  It was time to move them up the priority list and get them finished.  And then after all the preparations are made, it is also important to review them, practice the process of evacuation or shelter in place, and feel confident that everything is in order.

Holidays can be like an earthquake for some people … it just rocks their world.    Read More

Verbal First Aid

Most of us know physical first aid.  Some of us also know energy healing first aid.  But do you know that the words you use can also have a significant effect on the healing process?  That is Verbal First Aid.

Verbal First Aid is a way for ordinary people to use ordinary language to produce extraordinary healing results.   We know that our thoughts affect our body.  Just remember the last time you felt embarrassed, and your face flushed.  Or when you were scared, and your knees felt weak. Using Verbal First Aid can have a significant impact on things such as pain, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure (among other things),  in a way that is supportive of the healing process. Read More

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

At a recent class on Stress Management for Teens, I used the phrase, “A stitch in time saves nine” … and from the way they were looking at me, you would have thought I was from Mars with two heads.  Apparently they were not familiar with that phrase.  They must not do a lot of their own mending … or something.

The point I was trying to make is that it’s easier to address a minor situation than a major one, so good idea to implement these techniques before the situation gets so out of hand.  This is as true for physical healing as it is for stress management.  It is much easier to work on and heal from something small, than it is to have to address a bigger issue.  Three recent situations come to mind. Read More

Innate Wisdom

We’re all familiar with using a “left brain” decision making process – doing research, reading labels, that sort of thing – which is great as far as it goes.  But what happens when we’ve done the research and have narrowed the field down to 4 or 5 options that for all intents and purposes are equal?   That’s when we can implement a “right brain” or intuitive decision making process called Applied Kinesiology or “muscle testing.” Read More