Youthful Energy: Feel stronger, more energetic

Trouble keeping up with the grandkids?  Pranic Healing has some very powerful energy generating exercises to share with you.  And protocols for reducing the rate of aging.  Interested?

Enhancing the Workplace

Are you sensitive to stress energy at work?  Pranic Healing can teach you some awesome space clearing techniques, as well as Psychic Self-Defense.  You really need to know this one.

What Are You Grateful For?

Gratitude.  How often do you think of the things you are grateful for?  Maybe you are one of those people who keeps a gratitude journal.  Perhaps, you mostly notice what you are grateful for only after it is gone (like your electricity).  Energetically, we learn that feeling and expressing gratitude can be a game-changer, especially if you make it a regular part of your life.

Think of a time you REALLY needed help and someone came to your assistance.  Remember that feeling of extreme gratitude in every cell of your body.  Positive emotions and thoughts like happiness, kindness, joy, enthusiasm and others tend to have beneficial effects psychologically and physically.   Gratitude is one of those emotions.  Try it yourself and see. Read More


Have you ever walked into a space and it feels uncomfortable?  Or after spending time in a building, do you feel tired or unmotivated?  Did you buy a house that was a foreclosure?  Or a house that had a death or serious illness?  You may benefit from a space clearing. 

In addition to the ambient energy of the place, it is important to understand that your subtle energy fields are subject to the influence the structural energy of your home and your office. The proper placement of things like your front door, desk and bed can significantly impact your energy. Things like artwork and paint color have more than just a “symbolic” influence on your life, they are actually energizing it.  Read More