When Lightning Strikes

I was catching up with a friend recently, and she mentioned so casually that well, things just haven’t been the same since she was stuck by lightning in October.  Struck by lightning?!?  No kidding things aren’t the same.  She mentioned issues with memory, reduced intuitive ability, and general low energy.  What had her doctor offered?  Not much, so she is just moving forward with her life and her job, although struggling to regain the semblance of normalcy that she had before. Read More

Surgical support – Yes, you can!

Emergency colic surgery.  That phrase is enough to strike fear in the hearts of the most experienced equestrian.  We can feel so helpless and the situation so far out of our control.  The reality, though, is that is only partly true.  There is a lot we can do to influence any surgical outcome in a positive way, whether it is a simple dental extraction or a double level anterior interbody cervical fusion.  Because everything is energy, we can learn to use the tools of energy healing to support and benefit our horse before, during and after a surgical procedure. Read More

Wellness is Boring

Wellness is boring.  Think about it.  It’s true.  The real PR problem with “wellness care” is that it is just not very sexy.  There’s no major turnaround of symptoms.  No drama – no excitement – where’s the flashing lights and the high speed trip to the hospital?  But that’s exactly the point – there’s nothing that happens  … wellness is just continued good health.

Plus, the other problem is to convince people to do this extra stuff – and who’s got time for that?  They’re too busy putting out fires!  And besides, if we feel good most of the time, what would we have to talk about??  No back pain to compare!  But that’s a short-term perspective.  Let’s take a longer term look at things. Read More

I Feel Your Pain

I had an amazing, miraculous healing on my shoulder this week … the shoulder I’ve been working on, gotten acupuncture for, multiple medical massages – all to no avail.  What did I finally do?  I worked on my husband.  Read More

Performance Enhancing

My work involves a great deal of traveling and a very intense schedule. After being introduced to Les Flitcroft, Senior Pranic Healer from the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland, he has helped me physically, emotionally & mentally; enhancing my performance and has helped me to work at my optimum levels that I have always been accustomed to.
–Tony Robbins