Fear Factor

When I first began working with Keene, and we were still in the “getting to know you” phase, I made the mistake of grabbing a tissue and turning towards him.  Immediately he dashed behind the two upholstered chairs, cowered and looked at me through terrified eyes.  Okay, I thought.  I didn’t get much of a history on Keene, but this was pretty clear fear based behavior.

He was willing to call a truce and share the space of the treatment room with me as we did our first session.  I tried not to move around or disturb him too much.  He appreciated that Pranic Healing is a no-touch healing modality, and he could keep a comfortable distance.  His energy was very collapsed and holding a lot of stress and fear.   Although he physically lay down, he still had that gripping feeling at the end of the first session. Read More

Jilly and the Hot Spots

Jilly is a young Golden Retriever who had been receiving conventional treatment for hotspots on her neck, with absolutely no improvement after fourteen days of a topical cream.  So I got to work on her.  I found imbalances in her auric field, meridians and especially the chakra system.  As is often the case with skin disorders, the source of the issue is somewhere other than the surface of the skin.  In Jilly’s case, it seemed like it was a stress-related situation, which was impacting her body’s ability to heal the skin irritation.  In energetic terms, she had an overactive and congested Solar Plexus chakra, which was contributing to an extremely underactive Basic chakra.  The Basic chakra Read More

From Head to Heart

“You have to know the rules before you can break them.”  As a child, this quote was always a puzzle for me, growing up in a law enforcement family.  No one ever talked about breaking the rules as a desirable thing.  Now I realize that this saying is more about learning structure, before you can operate within that structure in an effortless way.  Moving from head to heart.  From thinking to being.  From control to flow.  This is the story of my life.

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Lag Time

When we think about healing with Western Medicine, we often think of it as a direct cause/effect linear process.  For example, when a person has a headache, they take a pill.  And if one pill is good, two pills are better.  And then the headache goes away.  When we transition over to the world of energy healing, we can also see that sometimes a certain amount of energy healing can directly result in a certain amount of physical healing.  But other times it’s more involved than that. Read More

Sit. Stay. Breathe.

Working with dogs for most of my life, I have come to realize that, even though we are so different, we have more in common than I first thought. Take meditation, for example. Much of what was taught in puppy kindergarten directly translates over and informs my meditation practice. Here are some of the things I learned: Read More