By virtue of this environment we live in, your healthy body is being subjected to countless sources of influence: electro-magnetic frequencies, background radiation, chemicals in your food and water, and toxins in the air, just to name a few.

Because disease appears first in the energy body before it appears in the physical body, illness can be often be prevented by detecting imbalances energetically and correcting them before they manifest physically.

Accumulated over time, if unaddressed through regular treatments, these energies can have a depleting effect on a person’s vitality.  Wellness treatments are like having a 20,000 mile tune-up on your car.  Everything going great?  Terrific – let’s keep it that way.  Be the first on your block to avoid the flu this winter.

Popular Wellness Treatments include:

  • immune enhancement
  • athletic enhancement
  • detoxification treatments
  • anti-aging program

SuperBrain Yoga – Energy food for the Brain

Whether you have school-age children, elderly parents, or are approaching mid-life yourself, SuperBrain Yoga is a simple practice you can learn to strengthen your memory, sharpen your focus and enhance the mental acuity of your family and loved ones.   Based on the principles of acupuncture, it takes less than a minute to do, and the benefits have been documented in a number of studies involving school children, both mainstream and special education.

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Empower Yourself Today

What does empowerment mean to you?

The dictionary defines “empower” as:

1. to give power or authority to; authorize, especially by legal or official means.
2. to enable or permit.

According to Wikipedia, “Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities.”

In a healing context, Pranic Healing “empowers” us to be able to do something to help someone, that we were previously unable to do.  Pranic Healing is empowering in that it gives us the power to relieve suffering, an ability that we maybe didn’t know we had before. Read More

Relationship Healing — Energy … the missing link

Relationships and families have so many levels and layers, it’s no wonder things happen the way they do.  The important thing to remember is that all relationships are based on energy.  The energy of two loving people is smooth, harmonious and flowing.  Conversely, the energy of people who don’t like each other is harsh, abrasive and uncomfortable.

Energy healing helps to repair and restore the opportunities for positive interactions, and creates a supportive environment for the healing to take place. Read More

What Are You Grateful For?

Gratitude.  How often do you think of the things you are grateful for?  Maybe you are one of those people who keeps a gratitude journal.  Perhaps, you mostly notice what you are grateful for only after it is gone (like your electricity).  Energetically, we learn that feeling and expressing gratitude can be a game-changer, especially if you make it a regular part of your life.

Think of a time you REALLY needed help and someone came to your assistance.  Remember that feeling of extreme gratitude in every cell of your body.  Positive emotions and thoughts like happiness, kindness, joy, enthusiasm and others tend to have beneficial effects psychologically and physically.   Gratitude is one of those emotions.  Try it yourself and see. Read More