Out of Sight, Out of Mind

While the idea of healing with invisible energy fields can make some people smirk or feel uncomfortable, in reality, we interact with invisible energies on a daily basis. From the moment we wake up and heat our breakfast in our microwave, check the weather forecast on our cell phone, read our email via wireless internet and listen to the radio on the way to work, we are constantly interacting with invisible energy.

We are also surrounded by naturally-occurring “invisible energy,” which science has “discovered” by developing technology to measure these energies. Of course, these natural Read More

What is Energy Healing?

Let’s break it down:  What is Energy?  What is Healing?

Energy is everything.  Quantum physics tells us that the whole universe appears as a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns.  That on the subatomic level, the “particles” are connected in some way that transcends time and space.  This is a much different paradigm than the ideas put forth by 17th century Newtonian physics, which has been the foundation for our insistence on seeing ourselves simply as solid objects.

Healing is restoring a living system to balance.       The living system could be the energy of our physical body, our  mental/emotional aspect or the energy of a relationship.  Each has its own unique and optimal flow, that when compromised, can result in the manifestation of disharmony.  This disharmony is called “disease.” Read More

Live and Feel Better in Retirement

You spent all those years taking care of everyone else, working all the time.  Now’s your turn.  Enjoy yourself with stronger physical and emotional well-being.  Learn about meditation.  You deserve it!


For those of you who have or live with animals, you know how important the health and well being of your furry (or not so furry) buddy is.  Because every living thing has energy fields, energy healing works whether you have honey bees, chickens, a turtle, a hamster, cat, dog or a horse. 

One of the great features of Energy Healing is that it is a no-touch treatment.  This means that if you have a horse who is being trailered and gets stressed out, if you have a dog who does not tolerate being touched, if you care for a rescue animal that for safety reasons, people cannot enter the enclosure, Energy Healing can help treat their condition from a distance. Read More


By virtue of this environment we live in, your healthy body is being subjected to countless sources of influence: electro-magnetic frequencies, background radiation, chemicals in your food and water, and toxins in the air, just to name a few.

Because disease appears first in the energy body before it appears in the physical body, illness can be often be prevented by detecting imbalances energetically and correcting them before they manifest physically.

Accumulated over time, if unaddressed through regular treatments, these energies can have a depleting effect on a person’s vitality.  Wellness treatments are like having a 20,000 mile tune-up on your car.  Everything going great?  Terrific – let’s keep it that way.  Be the first on your block to avoid the flu this winter.

Popular Wellness Treatments include:

  • immune enhancement
  • athletic enhancement
  • detoxification treatments
  • anti-aging program