What is Energy Healing?

What is Energy Healing?

Let’s break it down:  What is Energy?  What is Healing? Energy is everything.  Quantum physics tells us that the whole universe appears as a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns.  That on the subatomic level, the “particles” are… Read More

SuperBrain Yoga – Energy food for the Brain

Whether you have school-age children, elderly parents, or are approaching mid-life yourself, SuperBrain Yoga is a simple practice you can learn to strengthen your memory, sharpen your focus and enhance the mental acuity of your family and loved… Read More

Empower Yourself Today

What does empowerment mean to you? The dictionary defines “empower” as: em·pow·er 1. to give power or authority to; authorize, especially by legal or official means. 2. to enable or permit. According to Wikipedia, “Empowerment refers to increasing the… Read More

Relationship Healing — Energy … the missing link

Relationships and families have so many levels and layers, it’s no wonder things happen the way they do.  The important thing to remember is that all relationships are based on energy.  The energy of two loving people is… Read More

What Are You Grateful For?

Gratitude.  How often do you think of the things you are grateful for?  Maybe you are one of those people who keeps a gratitude journal.  Perhaps, you mostly notice what you are grateful for only after it is… Read More