Physical Ailments

Physical Ailments

Energy healing is based on the same principles as acupuncture:  that we have a physical body and an energy body.   The energy body serves as the ‘template’ for the physical body.  When the energy body is balanced and clear, the physical body is healthy.  When the energy body is out of balance and congested, the physical body ‘maps’ to this off balance template and develops what we call ‘symptoms.’

Because disease appears first in the energy body before it appears in the physical body, illness can be often be prevented by detecting imbalances energetically and correcting them before they manifest physically.

Likewise, an illness that has already manifested in the physical body can be alleviated by balancing the energy body.  Energy healing works on both acute and chronic conditions.

Energy healing on the physical level is so much more than identifying the “problem” organ or gland and removing it.  Energy healing views the symptom, not as the “enemy,” but as a “messenger” of an underlying imbalance.  The process addresses the underlying imbalance and balances it.  As a result, the symptoms naturally diminish on their own.

Energy Healing can support the body’s self-healing ability in the following physical systems:

  • immune
  • lymphatic
  • cardiovascular
  • cellular
  • digestive
  • endocrine
  • integumentary (skin)
  • muscular including fascia
  • nervous
  • reproductive
  • respiratory
  • skeletal
  • urinary