Job Interview Preparation

Job Interview Preparation

I have been applying for a number of jobs and recently received the opportunity to interview for one I really wanted. So in preparation, I had a Pranic Healing session with Liza the day prior. I felt great.

Unfortunately the night before the job interview there was a series of events that caused me to end up not getting any sleep. I felt like there was no way given the stress and sleep deprivation that I had any chance of doing well in the interview.

But just before the meeting, I did the exercises Liza recommended, and remembered to smile. An interesting thing happened. Every time the interviewer asked me a difficult question, I took a breath, smiled and the answer that was needed simply came to me as if someone was standing in the wings feeding me lines. They ended up offering me the job before the interview was even officially over.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover how effective Pranic Healing can be for a job interview!

F.S., Bend, OR