Mystery Eye Condition

Mystery Eye Condition

For a number of years now, my nine-year old daughter has had a white area growing on top of the iris on both of her eyes. Three years ago the eye doctor diagnosed a condition apparently caused by the sun. Over time, the white area grew bigger and her eyes got itchy, which was then diagnosed as allergies. Recently another doctor diagnosed this condition as an inflammatory reaction to a bacteria present on the eye. We got eye drops with antibiotic and steroid.

After using the drops for two weeks, at the check up the condition was reduced significantly but we were told it could grow again … which it did a couple of weeks after we finished the drop treatment. So we discontinued using the eye drops.

I contacted Liza and we discussed the history of the eye problem. Liza began Pranic Healing on my daughter’s eyes. After two months of distance Pranic Healing treatments, we visited a pediatric eye doctor, who found no trace of the previous diagnosis in my daughter’s eye. It has been now 5 months with no symptoms – no sign of the white area, no itchiness. I have not placed a single drop in her eyes. All the symptoms are gone now.

I am very thankful for the Pranic Healing treatment.

P.R.P., Mathews, NC