R.M.J.  – Portland, OR

R.M.J. – Portland, OR

Doshin is a German Shepherd dog came to this small Buddhist temple when he was 8.  In May 2009, Doshin suddenly began to drag his left back leg.  The Vet determined he had a neurological problem. I turned to Liza Burney and the energy work that she does.  Now 7 months later, through her healing efforts, Doshin is a different dog. Over these many months under her care he has regained a good deal of the use of his back leg.  Last summer, he began to show an interest in romping with some of his doggie friends and that has continued to be a joy for him.  I have noticed his energy and stability continue to increase over the months. In December 2009, he literally ran and played for almost an hour.

Up until about November 2009, Doshin still had a difficult time getting into the car, but now he pops in and out and I have even seen him jump into the back of a pick up truck. (I would prefer he not do this though).  He continues to go up and down stairs and gets better at it as time goes by.  He has even gently jumped up on me a time or two when he gets excited and has not fallen down. Six months ago, before he knew he could not do that, he would leap up and his leg would give out on him.

Doshin has taken on a brightness that was not there in the beginning. Initially he would not approach anyone. Recently he has started to warm up to the people who come here, approaching them quietly, sniffing and letting them pet him. He has allowed himself to be apart of what we do. Recently I had a young woman come to visit who had met Doshin last summer, and when she was around him for only a few moments in December she said this is a different dog. She had never seen a dog make such a change in his demeanor and simply in the way he interacted with every one.

R.M.J. - Portland, OR