Salt Bath with my dog!

Thanks to the knowledge of your Pranic Healing for Pets class, today we both took a 20 minute salt bath with tea tree oil … and both are feeling better already!  Cleaner, clearer energetically, healing in process.  Thanks so much!

S. S., Valencia, Spain
Level I class

I just want you to know as I’ve been going through my notes and continuing these studies, how grateful I am for your Pranic Healing I class.

There were so many thoughtful touches that made an impact, and set in place good PH habits.  Your teaching was clear and the pace of the class worked really well.  I appreciate that you had a schedule that we were able to follow for class time and breaks, and we were able to get all the info without rushing, and with the ability to ask questions. I am looking forward to taking Level 2 when you begin offering it.

There is SO much info in my notes, I’m astounded.

K.S., Eugene OR (Level I graduate)
Fever - 2 year old child

I wanted to tell you when I got home Sunday night (after Level I class) my daughter, 2 years old, had a 103 temperature. I put her to bed and did pranic healing on her while she slept. She slept the whole night, which never happens when she has a fever, and woke up without a fever. Then two days later she came down with the same fever, I did the same thing, but this time in the middle of the day and within and hour her fever was gone!
Pretty cool.

S. H., Bend, OR (Level I graduate)
Loose Teeth from Fall

I practiced Pranic Healing on my son after he fell and hit his upper front teeth very hard.

We took him to the pediatrician and she said that his teeth were very loose, and very likely to have at least one extraction.   After three PH sessions, we took him to the dentist and they said his teeth have healed very well, so there won’t be a need for an extraction.

I am amazed! I am so glad I took this class with you!

M.O., Portland OR; Level I graduate
SuperBrain Technique

Just one day after taking the Super Brain class and starting the exercise I noticed a huge difference.

I do the exercise while waiting for my caffeine, which is no longer a necessary part of my morning routine.
It seemed to take me longer and longer to wake up and get ready in the morning. The first day after the class I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently I was able to get ready for work. Even having extra time for a little bit of housework, I was running so early.
My boss did a double take when I entered the office before my scheduled shift time. My focus and productivity was so much greater than normal, I was mildly embarrassed by my previous performance.
I recommend the class to absolutely everyone. I didn’t even realize I was walking around in a fog until taking the class and having it lifted. Even the sunsets are brighter now. So grateful for having tried it.

F.S., Redmond, OR
Inexplicable back pain

Three days ago, after sitting in my office working on the computer, I stood up and realized that my lower back was very painful.  It was extremely difficult to stand and I had to walk bent forward at the waist and shuffle.  This situation was inexplicable to me since I had done nothing to impact my back, and it had felt perfectly fine when I sat down 30 minutes before.

Thinking that it was a passing thing, I resolved to just ‘work it out’.  That did not help.  At lunch time I took 2 Aleve and waited for the medication to help.  It did not touch the pain (and it usually works very well for me).   By mid-afternoon, I realized that this condition was not going away on its own, was not only making it difficult for me to get work done, but to physically move around.

I called Liza Burney and scheduled an appointment.  Within 45 minutes of that session the pain had lessened and I had much better movement. After only two more sessions, I was back to normal.

L. H., Portland, OR
Migraine Be-gone

I have a history of suffering migraines, to the point that I have had to seek medical attention for mini-strokes. Thankfully, now with medical treatment and Pranic Healing I now only get the occasional migraine.  But the other day I had a major setback and had a severe migraine for over 36 hours.  The pain was so intense for so long — I was in tears.  I also had similar body sensations to when I was having the mini-strokes, so I called Liza and asked for an emergency session. She immediately recommended I seek medical treatment if I felt in anyway like I was in danger of having a stroke. She began a mini-session and within 30 minutes I felt relief.   Within an hour I was able to go to work as if nothing had ever happened. We did a full session the next day when she had more time, even though the migraine was still gone.

F.S., Redmond, OR
Kitchen Burn Gone!

A couple of weeks ago I burnt my thumb and index finger on my left hand. It was very painful and red. I ran cold water over it then applied PH. As I was sweeping it the pain intensified then went away. I put in a little healing energy.  Immediately, there was no more pain except for a very little tenderness on my thumb when I touched it. Also, it was no longer red. The next morning, there was no tenderness anywhere. It was as if I had never been burned! I was amazed at the rapid healing and thankful that such an incredible and effective healing system has been made available to us. It is a true Blessing.

A. K., Goldendale WA (Level I graduate)
Scary hot walker

When I first took my horse to a local Equestrian Center, he would walk anywhere on the property, except near the hot-walker. To him, it must have seemed like a horse-eating monster, he was so reactive and avoiding it at all costs. The complication was that the hot-walker is located right by the entrance to the indoor arena. So we had to do something. He received Pranic Healing for emotional healing, focusing on fear. To my great delight, the next time we were on location, we actually walked calmly past the hot-walker not once, not twice, but five times!! It was as if it had never been a problem before.

W. C., Portland, OR
Hot Spots gone in one day!

My dog, who is prone to skin conditions, developed yet another ‘hot spot’ on the back of his leg.  I noticed it because of the excessive amount of chewing he was doing there.  So I decided to try what we learned in class (after I washed and applied topical spray) and did the Pranic Healing on the raw, open patch of skin the evening of the first day.  Well, the results were so fast and so complete, when I looked for the injury the morning after, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I actually checked both legs because I thought I was looking at the wrong side!  When I did finally find it, all there was was a little matted fur to mark the spot.  No redness at all!  And even better, no more chewing.

-- D. D., Portland, OR