Instant Relief from Migraine

While out of town I had an accident that involved getting hit in the face across the bridge of the nose by a metal pipe gate. It bruised, swelled and I ended up with a migraine. I didn’t have any Arnica on me, but I was able to get an emergency Pranic Healing session.

I received instant relief from the migraine within minutes of receiving treatment. The bruise is completely gone from where the gate impacted my face. There is no swelling or even a trace of soreness by the evening. It’s like it never happened.

F.S., Bend, OR
Knee Pain Disappeared

Hello, from the Animal Healing Intro class at the horse expo.  I’d like you to know that my knee felt much better immediately after you did the (15 minute demo) healing.  I rested it for 4 days then resumed light activity.  Thanks for the help … went for a ride yesterday without any problem.

D.M., Albany, OR
Restless Leg solved

For no apparent reason, my left leg started jumping and feeling restless, especially when I was tired. This restless leg issue was so bad that it kept me awake at night. I tried yoga, stretching and even soap under the sheets, all to no avail. So I decided to try Pranic Healing, which resolved the issue after one session. Thank you for your help! It has not returned since.

L. H., Portland, OR
Kitchen Burn Gone!

A couple of weeks ago I burnt my thumb and index finger on my left hand. It was very painful and red. I ran cold water over it then applied PH. As I was sweeping it the pain intensified then went away. I put in a little healing energy.  Immediately, there was no more pain except for a very little tenderness on my thumb when I touched it. Also, it was no longer red. The next morning, there was no tenderness anywhere. It was as if I had never been burned! I was amazed at the rapid healing and thankful that such an incredible and effective healing system has been made available to us. It is a true Blessing.

A. K., Goldendale WA (Level I graduate)
K.G., Portland, OR

After three visits to the vet and an 8-day stay at the Humane Society within the first month of getting our new cat, I called Liza out of desperation. No one had an explanation for the cat’s chronic vomiting and subsequent refusal to eat. The vet suggested I return the cat to the Humane Society because she suspected an incurable disease. Liza worked energetically on Stella and the very next day the cat looked alert and began to eat without vomiting!  I couldn’t believe how quickly our cat responded!  Happily, I write this recommendation… Liza is the real thing

K.G., Portland, OR
Immediately Useful Skill

I arrived (at the Level I class) with some familiarity with Pranic Heaing via an Intro class. I was impressed with what had been learned, skills developed and confidence built by the end of the first day.  And even more by the end of the second.  I feel able to go out and be effective … pretty much immediately.  Naturally, more practice will be helpful and there is a lot of information to integrate, but I have an an immediately usable and useful skill to share with friends, loved ones and myself!  Thank you!

G. M., Portland, OR (Level I graduate)
Advanced Pranic Healing class demo

My experience of the lung cleansing demo at the Advanced Pranic Healing weekend:

Some part of me knew that I should experience this, so I was on my feet and standing in front of the group before my mind even registered what was going on.

I have no history of lung problems or smoking (though I lived in a world of smokers from the womb), and I have a pretty steady qi gong practice that includes good breathing.  But I think the flight/fight/freeze response from past trauma is what settled in my chest.  I lived most of my life disconnected from my body, and am only in the past few years reclaiming my own territory.

As Liza worked on me doing the Cleansing the Blood protocol, I felt as if a binding or container was being softened in my chest.  Gentle, not scary or dramatic, but quite an unusual sensation.  Like the release of a kind of holding.  It was not a raw or exposed sensation, but it was unfamiliar.  As the process continued, I felt the circulating, cleansing, washing begin.  This seemed to be expanded to include whole systems in my energy field.

Tears started coming, quietly.  And I just tried to allow this. I am grateful to have been able to just sit quietly afterwards for a while.

So, this week is the beginning of a new chapter.  What an intense time!

F. C., Portland, OR
Knots melted away

I carry my stress in my upper back and neck.  I get basilar headaches.  My neck and traps will knot up with muscle spasms.  One particular day when this was going on, I took a good dose of ibuprofen, a hot bath, an hour long hot rock massage and still had knots on my neck and was feeling a bit nauseated.  I live a state away and called Liza and reviewed my complaints over the phone.  She then hung up to do the hour long treatment.  Towards the end of the hour I felt pulsations in my chest and left anterior and posterior scapula regions and felt the knots melt away. They haven’t come back yet.

D.C., Arlington, WA
K.L., North Plains, OR (Level I graduate)

I used Pranic healing last week in an emergency situation.   We have a 20 yr old feral cat, “Grayson,” who sleeps on our sunporch.  He is slightly deaf, snores and is a tough minded former tom.  (I tried trapping him for 8 years!)   Once neutered, he figured out the cat door and has enjoyed regular meals and a cat bed for the last 3 yrs.

Something attacked him and he was seriously injured.  No way to catch him or touch him so I tried the distance healing that we learned in the Level I class.  No surprise to you, but it worked.  I did 3 sessions the first day to stop the bleeding.  Then I did two sessions each the next two days.

His breathing would become deeper at the end of each session so I knew there was progress.  I could feel the congestion along his right shoulder, ribs, leg and later confirmed the wounds with the binoculars.  He is looking better, eating again and resting quietly.

The other thing I thought was to do a space clearing in and around the sunporch.  It turns out the violence was just outside on the back deck leading to the cat door.  Both cats are now using the door again.   While it was easy to self-doubt my abilities since time has gone by since that wonderful Level I class weekend, the treatments went well and I felt fairly confident due to all the practice during the class.

K.L., North Plains, OR (Level I graduate)
Got my life back after intense loss

Pranic Healing helped me to cope with the reality of a huge loss in my life, and helped me move forward when nothing else would. I had been in a wonderful relationship with a very special man for a long time. I thought he and I were meant for each other. Then one day he suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again. I knew he was still alive, since I was in contact with his family, but he inexplicably refused all my attempts at contact, which admittedly, were many.

Pranic Healing gave me my life back. I found I had no more need to obsess about him, to track him down and demand an explanation, or feel depressed about my loss. It helped me through the grieving process in a more graceful way. I was finally able to talk about him with my family and friends without breaking down. Then I didn’t need to talk about him anymore. I actually started being interested in dating other men. I am so grateful Pranic Healing was able to help me transition through this difficult time!

Horse Clinic Fabulous!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge at the Pranic Healing for Horses clinic.  Today was one of the best classes and experiences I’ve had in a long time.

J. H., Bend. OR
Emotional Healing = JOY

After receiving an emotional healing – it was truly amazing –  I had the greatest ride on my horse the following day! Completely anxiety-free, pure loving fun! After the ride, I felt like my heart was going to come right out my chest from love and joy; I was just beaming. After cleaning so much junk from my past that has been distorting and tainting what is now, I’m able to tap into some the pure emotions that I used to feel when I was a kid.

E.P., Astoria, Oregon
Hernia? No Hernia!

My husband woke up with a big inflammation area which appeared to be a Hernia. He went to the physician in the morning Eastern Time and was confirmed a diagnosis of hernia and was referred to the surgeon. I e-mailed Liza about it early in the morning Eastern Time.  Fortunately she had time to do an emergency treatment, as we were hoping to travel the next day.

By late afternoon, my husband visited the Surgeon and he found no hernia, consulted with the Urologist and they both concluded inflammation, maybe an infection, although there was no fever or other symptoms. By the next day things have got back to normal, and we were able to take our trip.

I talked to Liza and she stated that she performed treatment on my husband. I was glad to know that by the end of the day that the hernia diagnosis was not the one for him and that his symptoms were just a little discomfort and by the next day nothing was there.

Thanks to the Pranic Healing treatment, my husband is healthy.

P.R.P., Matthews NC
Open, Welcoming Style

I really enjoyed the Pranic Level I class taught by Liza Burney. She has an open welcoming style that allowed the class to processes the information the way we needed, while also staying on or ahead of schedule. Thanks.

D. S., Portland, OR
R.S., Portland, OR

Thank you again for your thorough and professional presentation on Pranic Healing.  Also, thank you for working on my left side.  I still felt the effects of some shifting on my leg, mainly knee and hip yesterday.  I am very interested and impressed by Pranic Healing.

R.S., Portland, OR
L.H., Portland, OR

Our 14 year old Rottweiler always sounded sort of raspy when she panted, but it was only when she had an acute respiratory attack that she was diagnosed with  Laryngeal Paralysis, which meant half her airway was blocked.  Our options were basically a tie-back surgery (which had risks) or do nothing and have her lead a sedentary lifestyle (not really an option, either).  We decided to try Pranic Healing on her.  This approach allowed her to lead an active lifestyle for another two years and avoid the dangerous side-effects of surgery (possible complications with eating and drinking) at the same time managing her condition with excellent quality of life.

L.H., Portland, OR
Intro Class Techniques

I’ve been using the techniques, including cord cutting, with good effect, including increased energy and less anxiety.  I appreciate so much your clear and kind energy, and the skills you shared with us.

M.C., Eugene, OR
No more flu!

I was able to get good rest Tuesday after our session. Slept (mostly) thru the night. Got up at 5:30AM feeling quite well. No more ache or fever. I have been going full blast since. No one can believe I got thru the flu so fast. I am so excited to learn more.

A.E., Eugene, OR
Powerful Protocol

Thank you for a thoughtful and warm workshop!   I have already begun using the protocol in its simple form.  I’m so excited to have this as a ancillary healing protocol to my work. It is so powerful!

L.T., Redmond, WA
A.S., Tigard, OR

I wanted you to know how wonderful I am feeling after my very first treatment. I went to see my horse directly afterwards. He let me rub and clean his ears (which hadn’t been done in a long time) and he loved it. There was a lot of bonding and I was able to sit still and quiet. He even he came over and nuzzled me and we exchanged breaths.

When I got home, my dog was quite calm compared to normal. It’s obvious we’ve been feeding off each others energy. The miracle is I didn’t hate him anymore. Around 11 PM I felt tired, went to bed and I SLEPT all night without the pills. YAHOO!!

I still am taking in everything that you did yesterday but all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. I am very interested in taking one of your classes in addition to hosting a Horse Intro at a friend’s barn.

A.S., Tigard, OR
Severe Abdominal Pain relieved

Pranic Healing has been a blessing in my life and has renewed my enthusiasm in my traditional healing career as well as helping my friends family and critters with their aches and pains. I’m a naturally sensitive person so I could feel the personal energy generated right away and can actually sometimes see the energy.

Shortly before I took the Level I class, I came upon a friend who was in severe abdominal pain, over medicated on prescription drugs. She looked stiff and frozen and very ill. I would have liked her to go to the doctor, but she declined. I applied what little I knew of Pranic Healing to clear the heaviness in the air about her body, and the “heated” areas cooled. I energized afterwards with the prana. A few days later I saw her and she looked bright wasn’t heavily medicated, appeared less swollen and was moving more easily.

She reported her experience being on the receiving end of the Pranic Healing as, “I felt lighter on my shoulders and hips. My stomach felt less tight. I felt a warmth radiating down the side of my body. I felt more energy. The pain decreased by about 50%.” All this from my reading a few chapters in the Pranic Healing book — before I even went to the class.

D.C., Arlington, WA (Level I graduate)
Scary hot walker

When I first took my horse to a local Equestrian Center, he would walk anywhere on the property, except near the hot-walker. To him, it must have seemed like a horse-eating monster, he was so reactive and avoiding it at all costs. The complication was that the hot-walker is located right by the entrance to the indoor arena. So we had to do something. He received Pranic Healing for emotional healing, focusing on fear. To my great delight, the next time we were on location, we actually walked calmly past the hot-walker not once, not twice, but five times!! It was as if it had never been a problem before.

W. C., Portland, OR
Pranic healing ... better than chocolate

Liza Burney of Heart to Heart Healing gave me a Pranic Healing session after my very special horse’s death. After Liza and I discussed some of my concerns and goals, she gave an amazing session including cleaning out meridians. I had been fighting off a cold. I can tell that things have really shifted and I oddly feel lighter. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for something to treat themselves with a professional Pranic Healing session is better than chocolate and pizza in my book.

F.S., Eugene, OR
Didactic - Practice - Balanced Pace

The Level I Pranic Healing class was didactic -> practice, didactic -> practice, experiential  – practical: balanced pace.  My “a-ha” moment was during the energizing practice, when I felt the energy flow in the palm of my hand, and the recipient could tell when I stopped energizing.  Most important to have strategies to develop my skills of energy perception – that alone is fantastic but to be able to then heal myself and others … wow!

K. M., Portland, OR
Loose Teeth from Fall

I practiced Pranic Healing on my son after he fell and hit his upper front teeth very hard.

We took him to the pediatrician and she said that his teeth were very loose, and very likely to have at least one extraction.   After three PH sessions, we took him to the dentist and they said his teeth have healed very well, so there won’t be a need for an extraction.

I am amazed! I am so glad I took this class with you!

M.O., Portland OR; Level I graduate
R.B., Portland, OR

On May 4, 2011 I went out for a brief bike ride on a sunny warm afternoon.  While riding down a hill about ¾ miles from my house my front tire blew out and I crashed hard.  Although I managed to slow the bike from 34 mph, I hit the ground on my buns at about 20 mph. Normally in these circumstances a rider skids for a while, scraping skin and slowing down.

To my distress and injury, I did not skid and just came to an immediate halt.  This sudden deceleration transmitted all the shock into my sacrum and lower spine. I could barely walk, and the pain was extreme.  My lower back/hip was so stiff I could not bend over.

Fortunately, Liza Burney began treating me with Pranic Healing that very evening.  Immediately I began to feel better, enjoy greater freedom of movement and considerably less pain.  I actually slept great that first night.   She provided treatments every day for the next four days, and more occasional treatments over the next two weeks.  By the end of seven days of treatment I was felt fine during regular walking and moving around.  By May 20th, I was riding my bike as if nothing had ever happened.

R.B., Portland, OR
Great Immersive Experience

The Level I class was a great immersive experience that makes this ‘invisible’ energy very real.  It teaches very practical things to do to maintain and enhance your own or other’s health (including pets!).  The most important thing I learned was how to cleanse my energy and that of my living space.

S. K., Portland, OR (Level I graduate)
A Gift for my Horses

I took the Level 1 Pranic course from Liza Burney in the Spring of 2014.  It has been a gift for me and my horses.  I use the skills I learned in the course every day!  My horses love the energy work and it has allowed me to detect and treat subtle health issues before they developed into problems that would prevent me from riding.

K.L., Portland, OR
Validating Weekend Workshop

Thank you for all  the information you presented during our [Level I] workshop last weekend as I am finding it personally validating.    I feel it will be very useful for me in keeping my own energy cleansed as well as sharing it with interested friends and family.  It is gratifying to see the much needed awareness surfacing about the unseen energy that surrounds and affects us so acutely.

B.D., Battle Ground, WA
Disappearing Fire Knot

I want to share that since the expo I have felt . . . ‘lighter’ inside.   Like I weigh less but am stronger and more solid at the same time.   Hard to explain.   But that core center that gets all locked into a panic ball when there’s too much life to juggle on your plate,  just has felt free and flowing.  At the same time my base feels heavier and more sturdy.  Almost like that feeling when you breath deep and let your weight drop from your shoulders into your seat and you and your horse balance out into a strong deep seated collected oneness.

Also, major, major bonus . . . that one fire knot on the big muscle in my back did not hurt from last Saturday until this afternoon (Thursday)!!!!  Since it’s been on fire for 14 years I call that a minor miracle!  I did try using the Cord Cutting Spray and working on myself today.  🙂    Thank you so much for introducing me to something that I know in my gut is right for me at this time in my life.

A.G., Albany, OR
A.P., Vancouver WA

I had the pleasure of attending the Intro to Pranic Healing workshop.  My experience for those two hours made Pranic Healing more real and more hands on than I had expected.  As a result, for the first time, I could actually “feel” my aura.  It was a fantastic experience!

Liza Burney clearly explained and walked us through the whole process and, to me, it was much easier to understand than if I were simply reading about it.  All of us attending came out with a positive feel for Pranic Healing, and I am so enthusiastic that I am looking forward to learning more!  Thank you!

A.P., Vancouver WA
Salt Bath with my dog!

Thanks to the knowledge of your Pranic Healing for Pets class, today we both took a 20 minute salt bath with tea tree oil … and both are feeling better already!  Cleaner, clearer energetically, healing in process.  Thanks so much!

S. S., Valencia, Spain
Job Interview Preparation

I have been applying for a number of jobs and recently received the opportunity to interview for one I really wanted. So in preparation, I had a Pranic Healing session with Liza the day prior. I felt great.

Unfortunately the night before the job interview there was a series of events that caused me to end up not getting any sleep. I felt like there was no way given the stress and sleep deprivation that I had any chance of doing well in the interview.

But just before the meeting, I did the exercises Liza recommended, and remembered to smile. An interesting thing happened. Every time the interviewer asked me a difficult question, I took a breath, smiled and the answer that was needed simply came to me as if someone was standing in the wings feeding me lines. They ended up offering me the job before the interview was even officially over.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover how effective Pranic Healing can be for a job interview!

F.S., Bend, OR
L.H., Portland, OR

When my 8 year old doberman developed age-related incontinence, he had already been on a medication to minimize leakage for years.  The vet suggested increasing the medication dosage, which helped for a while, but then he got worse again.  The vet said she couldn’t increase his dosage, as he was maxed out, according to his body weight.   So we tried Pranic Healing on him.  Within a few weeks of regular treatments, he regained full bladder control and stopped having accidents in the house.  He maintained bladder control for the rest of his life.  What a gift!!

L.H., Portland, OR
Intense physical symptoms from grief relieved

I just wanted to thank you so much for the energy healing you did for me today. As you know, the sudden loss of my friend caused me a lot of anxiety and sadness along with some intense physical symptoms (stomach pain, general achiness, insomnia). The energy healing session made an immediate and significant difference in all of these things. I am truly amazed by how quickly it helped me and the sense of calm and peace that I felt. That is a powerful skill you have! Thank you again. Pranic Healing is amazing!

C.L., Portland, OR
Amazing World of Energy

The Level I Pranic Healing class is a safe place to explore this amazing world of energy.  I loved the interaction, the community building, and the way Liza created a matter-of-fact,  “judgement-free” space — in which all experiences are valuable.

F. C., Portland, OR
Broken ribs healed in two weeks

I was at a college graduation party for my son, when he (6’9” 300lbs) and his brother decided it would be fun to fool around like they used to do when they were little kids. Being only 6’4”, I had limited say in the matter when my son picked me up in a bear hug, and shook me like a dog shakes a toy. The feeling and sound of my ribs breaking was unmistakable, as I have had broken ribs before and am very familiar with that. I know they usually take 6-8 weeks to heal, and severely limit all range of motion during that time frame. My primary concern was that I had a 120 mile bicycle ride to lead in two weeks.

Liza Burney worked on me daily. After one week, I was feeling so good, I forgot all about taking it easy, and I re-injured the ribs. So, she began working on me twice daily for the remaining week.

When the day of the bike ride came, my ribs were feeling so good that I decided to ride and see how it went. I am happy to report that the bike ride was a complete success! I was even able to help out a slower rider by pushing her up a few hills, while on my bike. This, as you can imagine, put an enormous strain on the side of my body that had been previously injured. Since then, my rib has continued to be healthy and whole.

R.B., Portland, OR
Advanced Pranic Healing class

I recently took Liza’s Level 2 Pranic Healing class in Portland. I just wanted to say, that I’m so grateful that I took her class. I learned so much more in her class than I have in previous classes. This is not to say, that I haven’t learned from other instructors, because I’ve learned so much from all of them. Liza’s class was exceptional. I can’t wait to take more of her classes. She was able to fill in a lot of blanks for me. As far as scanning, cord cutting, and many other things. 

M. A., Port Angeles, WA
Inexplicable back pain

Three days ago, after sitting in my office working on the computer, I stood up and realized that my lower back was very painful.  It was extremely difficult to stand and I had to walk bent forward at the waist and shuffle.  This situation was inexplicable to me since I had done nothing to impact my back, and it had felt perfectly fine when I sat down 30 minutes before.

Thinking that it was a passing thing, I resolved to just ‘work it out’.  That did not help.  At lunch time I took 2 Aleve and waited for the medication to help.  It did not touch the pain (and it usually works very well for me).   By mid-afternoon, I realized that this condition was not going away on its own, was not only making it difficult for me to get work done, but to physically move around.

I called Liza Burney and scheduled an appointment.  Within 45 minutes of that session the pain had lessened and I had much better movement. After only two more sessions, I was back to normal.

L. H., Portland, OR
B.P., Beaverton, OR

I have an 11 year old mare who is very athletic, playful, and always up to something!  Need I say more.  On Sunday afternoon, February 13, 2011, I noticed an open wound on her inside, right hock – almost to the bone and blood was running down her leg!   My mare must have clipped the inside of her hock with her front shoe while playing.   So I cleaned it up, I wrapped her hock and starting Sunday night, Liza started some energy healing work on her.  She worked on that wound on and off all day Monday.   By Tuesday morning, all you could see was a little slit – it was really magical – my only regret is that I didn’t take a “before” picture.  Her leg looks wonderful!!  And she only had to be on stall rest one day while it healed!   We both Thank You so much Liza and Pranic Healing.

B.P., Beaverton, OR
E.P., Astoria, Oregon

I attended the Animal Healing Intro class this weekend and I loved it.  It was too short since I could have stayed all day to learn more.   I already have practiced some of the basic cleaning techniques, and I feel different.   I feel more at peace – my anxiety level has reduced significantly and that my heart and eyes are more open.

One of my horses is hyper sensitive to me and my feelings, and he felt that difference in me as well.    I have several horses and multitude of issues and past traumas, and I can’t wait to learn more how to help them and myself.

E.P., Astoria, Oregon
L.H., Portland, OR

I was at my desk at the office at the end of the day when I felt an ocular migraine starting. Periodically I get these migraines in either eye and the visual distortions make it unsafe for me to drive and very difficult for me to read. When I felt it coming on, I knew I could not drive home so I called Liza Burney and asked her to do some distance healing on me.

Ms. Burney immediately started to work on me and within 5 minutes of my call, the migraine had subsided and I could see clearly again.  I was able to leave my office and drive home.  When these migraines come on they normally last 25 to 30 minutes. This was the fasted resolution I have ever experienced.

L.H., Portland, OR
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I have always believed that trauma lives in the body on a cellular level and have spent almost 20 years in the study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatments for people, as well as taking what I have learned and applying it to work with abused horses. Recently I feel that I need to completely alter my thinking on treating PTSD after finding amazing results with Pranic Healing.

For many people who suffer from PTSD, trying to talk about the trauma is traumatizing. Things people without PTSD take for granted become paralyzing and impossible tasks to overcome for those who suffer. To make matters worse, people suffering from PTSD  can rarely put into words why these tasks are so difficult, so the people trying to help them are at a loss as to what to do.

I have been amazed at how Pranic Healing is able to help people lift this fog and give people the tools they need to start dealing with their lives again.

Weekend warrior

As usual, I over did it with yard work.  A tree fell in my back yard and I spent two days sawing it into 18 inch rounds, removing limbs and stacking wood.  I called Liza and asked her to work on me before my muscles were too sore to move.  Previously, without Pranic Healing, I have been so sore that I have had trouble  moving the next few days.

Liza’s skills with Pranic Healing were the reason I was still able to work the next day, and had minimally sore muscles.  This is the best I have ever felt after doing so much unaccustomed work.

L. H., Portland, OR
SuperBrain Technique

Just one day after taking the Super Brain class and starting the exercise I noticed a huge difference.

I do the exercise while waiting for my caffeine, which is no longer a necessary part of my morning routine.
It seemed to take me longer and longer to wake up and get ready in the morning. The first day after the class I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently I was able to get ready for work. Even having extra time for a little bit of housework, I was running so early.
My boss did a double take when I entered the office before my scheduled shift time. My focus and productivity was so much greater than normal, I was mildly embarrassed by my previous performance.
I recommend the class to absolutely everyone. I didn’t even realize I was walking around in a fog until taking the class and having it lifted. Even the sunsets are brighter now. So grateful for having tried it.

F.S., Redmond, OR
Air Prana ... so delightful!

I would describe this class as well organized with an excellent instructor. Much of this was familiar to me (energy, chakras, etc.) but what was new was the structure of the healing practice which makes it incredibly easy to help myself and others. I loved discovering air prana!!  At the end of the weekend, I feel like I know how to do what we were taught. Thank you!

S. O., Portland, OR
Migraine Be-gone

I have a history of suffering migraines, to the point that I have had to seek medical attention for mini-strokes. Thankfully, now with medical treatment and Pranic Healing I now only get the occasional migraine.  But the other day I had a major setback and had a severe migraine for over 36 hours.  The pain was so intense for so long — I was in tears.  I also had similar body sensations to when I was having the mini-strokes, so I called Liza and asked for an emergency session. She immediately recommended I seek medical treatment if I felt in anyway like I was in danger of having a stroke. She began a mini-session and within 30 minutes I felt relief.   Within an hour I was able to go to work as if nothing had ever happened. We did a full session the next day when she had more time, even though the migraine was still gone.

F.S., Redmond, OR
B.E., McMinnville, OR

Huge, huge healing since that last session you did.  Pain is almost entirely gone.  Tumor to be biopsied has shrunk.  We survived toxic relatives with love & joy and patience intact!

B.E., McMinnville, OR
Pain Gone = Awesome Ride

I got on my horse the other day, and immediately my right ankle was extremely painful in the stirrup.  I used the technique from the Intro class, and within a few minutes, the pain was gone and I could ride effectively, instead of being distracted by the pain.  Yea!  p.s. and the pain hasn’t come back!

L.P., Beaverton, OR
Equine Eye Irritation

Back in May, my horse was having eye irritation. Lots of mucus, hot to the touch. I physically cleaned it with cool water and tried to ice it. She was less then thrilled to have it fussed with. Then I used Pranic Healing on it.  The next morning it was still a tad warm, but had cleared up considerably. What’s interesting to me is after several months the problem as of today has not returned.

N.S., Eugene, OR
Greater Sense of Connection

Thank you for coming to our barn and sharing your knowledge with us.  I practice the energy feeling and healing, and I feel a greater sense of connection to all things.  What you teach others is empowering and enlightening.  A gift to treasure!

K.E., Marylhurst, OR
Mystery Eye Condition

For a number of years now, my nine-year old daughter has had a white area growing on top of the iris on both of her eyes. Three years ago the eye doctor diagnosed a condition apparently caused by the sun. Over time, the white area grew bigger and her eyes got itchy, which was then diagnosed as allergies. Recently another doctor diagnosed this condition as an inflammatory reaction to a bacteria present on the eye. We got eye drops with antibiotic and steroid.

After using the drops for two weeks, at the check up the condition was reduced significantly but we were told it could grow again … which it did a couple of weeks after we finished the drop treatment. So we discontinued using the eye drops.

I contacted Liza and we discussed the history of the eye problem. Liza began Pranic Healing on my daughter’s eyes. After two months of distance Pranic Healing treatments, we visited a pediatric eye doctor, who found no trace of the previous diagnosis in my daughter’s eye. It has been now 5 months with no symptoms – no sign of the white area, no itchiness. I have not placed a single drop in her eyes. All the symptoms are gone now.

I am very thankful for the Pranic Healing treatment.

P.R.P., Mathews, NC
Complete Remission

I just want to thank you for your wonderful support and healing of the illness I was dealing with these last seven months. I know that Pranic Healing was a most important tool in my achieving complete remission of my illness. Your encouragement and techniques were invaluable to me. Pranic Healing gave me a most positive outlook and helped my body heal itself.  I thank you wholeheartedly.  Thanks again.

A.P., Florida
R.B., Portland, OR

I awoke on this morning with the knowledge that a massive migraine headache was imminent.   I called Liza Burney at 12:26pm.   I told Liza my symptoms and that I knew a migraine was building.  She was compassionate and said she would do what she could to help.  It was a relief just knowing someone was going to keep an eye on me.

Almost immediately, my right eye and parts of my body experienced slight vibrations.  I felt a pull/tug/draw sensation in the right+up+out part of my head.  I had the feeling of red/dark energy being collected above my right eye.  The tug intensified and there was a lasting sensation of a “string tugging” from my right tear duct.  The string was cut just past the red/dark energy and the pressure in my head was alleviated.

The tugging subsided and I rested.  I started to tell my fiancé about the experience and within the first two sentences, Liza called telling me the process was complete (1:03pm).

After the session there were immediate improvements and results.  The pressure behind my eye was cut by +60%, the back of my head felt less constrained, and the visual distortions dissipated almost immediately.  The migraine still happened, but easily at 20% of the potency I had anticipated.  I attribute most/all of these improvements to Liza’s ministrations and I am so thankful for the time she put into my aid.

R.B., Portland, OR
–M.F., Hood River OR

I enjoyed your seminar last month, and plan to take the weekend class later.  I had some initial success with my dog, who had been limping from a fall she took 2 months ago.  She started prancing around and the limp did not recur for a couple of weeks.  Then the man I am dating has COPD and after his acupuncturist cancelled an appointment, I figured I may as well try Pranic Healing on him.  Within a day he was breathing easier and didn’t have BP or rapid pulse, so of course he wants me to do it again.

–M.F., Hood River OR
Stress Management & PTSD

I wanted to share my experience of how Pranic Healing has dramatically helped me with my overall stress management and PTSD.

It has been a struggle for me to put into words how much Pranic Healing and my Pranic Healer have helped improve my life and manage my PTSD. I wanted to find that phrase which would speak to everyone who has ever experienced and struggled with PTSD, but for me, what I go through is something that is beyond words.
Medication was not an option for me, so I had to look to other means. I don’t know that there will ever be any “fixing” it, but I like to think that it is possible. What Pranic Healing does is it turns the volume down and makes the triggers manageable.
It’s still work, but now I can go places and do things that previously I couldn’t. It has helped improved the relationship with my family and friends because I am better able to use my words and discuss what is going on and what I need to help me.
I cannot encourage people enough, whether they are feeling anxious, under stress or have suffered a trauma and have PTSD to utilize a trained Pranic Healer and get involved in Pranic Healing.

F.S., Bend, OR
R.D.B., Lake Oswego, OR

Liza Burney made a believer of me when she completely ended a severe post heart attack anxiety episode – with attendant symptoms of nausea, chills, tremors and extreme discomfort.  I went from a nine to zero almost instantaneously after approximately an hour of her empathetic, understanding and caring treatment.   The most convincing aspect of Liza’s treatment — other than the fact that the result was almost instantaneous and has been long lasting — is that at the time I was in my home in Lake Oswego and she was in her office in Portland.

And thanks … my blood pressure is also holding steady.

I am so grateful for Pranic Healing, and will never doubt again.

R.D.B., Lake Oswego, OR
Feeling the Energy

I attended the Pranic Healing for Stress Relief workshop, and was most amazed at the fact that I could actually do this practice! I was a bit apprehensive coming in. I have taken intuitive classes where I was unable to keep up or have the results others had.

The most important thing I learned is that it is possible for anyone to use energy healing.  I could feel the positive results immediately.

The best part of the class was the moment I realized that I could feel the energy. I was so excited when I could feel the energy and the auras!

I would describe this class as a very practical valuable experience that can have life changing effects, taught in an easy to understand manner with hands on experience — something that everyone should try.


KS, Rainier OR
R.M.J. - Portland, OR

Doshin is a German Shepherd dog came to this small Buddhist temple when he was 8.  In May 2009, Doshin suddenly began to drag his left back leg.  The Vet determined he had a neurological problem. I turned to Liza Burney and the energy work that she does.  Now 7 months later, through her healing efforts, Doshin is a different dog. Over these many months under her care he has regained a good deal of the use of his back leg.  Last summer, he began to show an interest in romping with some of his doggie friends and that has continued to be a joy for him.  I have noticed his energy and stability continue to increase over the months. In December 2009, he literally ran and played for almost an hour.

Up until about November 2009, Doshin still had a difficult time getting into the car, but now he pops in and out and I have even seen him jump into the back of a pick up truck. (I would prefer he not do this though).  He continues to go up and down stairs and gets better at it as time goes by.  He has even gently jumped up on me a time or two when he gets excited and has not fallen down. Six months ago, before he knew he could not do that, he would leap up and his leg would give out on him.

Doshin has taken on a brightness that was not there in the beginning. Initially he would not approach anyone. Recently he has started to warm up to the people who come here, approaching them quietly, sniffing and letting them pet him. He has allowed himself to be apart of what we do. Recently I had a young woman come to visit who had met Doshin last summer, and when she was around him for only a few moments in December she said this is a different dog. She had never seen a dog make such a change in his demeanor and simply in the way he interacted with every one.

R.M.J. - Portland, OR
Tendon repair in hoof

My Saddlebred mare, Rose, had stepped on a spike that went right into the center of her hoof at least an 1”. I immediately started to soak Rose’s hoof 3 times a day and wrapping it to make sure it was kept as clean as possible, about a week later while I was cleaning her foot, something popped out of the hole, I didn’t like the looks of it, since it was tubular looking, I pushed it back into the hole and had the vet out the next day. He looked at it and started to clean it as if it was like an abscess and out popped tubular material; the vet looked at it closer and told me that it looked like her tendon. He continued to tell me it wasn’t a good thing at all, and that her leg would swell and go all the way up her leg and in the mean time the other leg would be taking her full weight and would do the same. The leg would be all infected and that also would be carried all over.

He suggested I euthanize her. I told him that wasn’t an option.

A few days later I received an email for an introductory class on Pranic healing and I thought to myself, why not go and see what it is all about and try using it on my mare. I went with an open mind and during the class the healer suggested different exercises for the class to do and I was amazed the things I could feel. I did talk with Liza Burney and told her about my mare. I went home and started working on Rose. It really worked, Rose got better and she is now sound and used in my lesson program!!

March 2011

M.H., North Plains, OR
Noticeable Difference in Daily Life

Thank you Liza! I appreciated this Level I class weekend so much. I had a great time learning with everyone! I have been on a high since the class from all the energy work and it has made such a noticeable difference in my daily life. I can’t wait to learn more. I ended up yesterday going to yoga for the first time since well before my car accident, and it was such a great compliment to our weekend. I haven’t felt well enough to do yoga in so long and I know it’s because of the great effects from the work over the weekend. I can’t tell you how much it impacts my life in a positive way. Thank you again for the amazing experience!

A. P., Seattle, WA
Hot Spots gone in one day!

My dog, who is prone to skin conditions, developed yet another ‘hot spot’ on the back of his leg.  I noticed it because of the excessive amount of chewing he was doing there.  So I decided to try what we learned in class (after I washed and applied topical spray) and did the Pranic Healing on the raw, open patch of skin the evening of the first day.  Well, the results were so fast and so complete, when I looked for the injury the morning after, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I actually checked both legs because I thought I was looking at the wrong side!  When I did finally find it, all there was was a little matted fur to mark the spot.  No redness at all!  And even better, no more chewing.

-- D. D., Portland, OR
Intro Class Transformation

I began my day like most days the last few months, literally feeling like I was dying. I have been struggling with stagnant energies, which have transformed into medical issues. My four teenagers have been watching their mom grow sadder and sadder. But I spent the day preparing myself, just to make it to your Pranic Healing Intro class.

When I left class 2 hours later, I was laughing and talking with my husband with a full, strong voice. My head cleared up. I felt like I can start planning things again. I came home with a bigger light inside me, smiling and hugging my babies.

We are excited for this new information, to share this with our family and friends. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Thank you. I want to pursue this modality of healing; I know I can help those that need it.

M.W., Forest Grove, OR
Post surgical depression

Fitzgerald, my 31 year old appaloosa hunter/jumper (retired), had to have his eye surgically removed at the vet school due to complications from uveitis and a corneal ulcer.  When he came home, he just stood with his head in the corner of the stall, and had stopped eating and drinking. He had passed a minimal amount of dry manure overnight. He seemed depressed.  I was concerned about potential issues with colic.

Having had some good experiences of pain relief from Pranic Healing myself, I asked Liza to do some distance work on him. Around 5:00 pm he brightened up, was much perkier and showed interest in what was going on around him. Then he scarfed down his beet pulp mush, ate his dinner senior feed with gusto and drank a few gallons of water. I checked my email, and Liza had sent a message at 4:30 pm that she had just finished doing distance healing work on him.

The next morning his manure was normal and he was eating and drinking normally. He actually whinnied at me to hurry up and feed him. MUCH better.  His eye area healed more quickly than expected, with no complications.  He seemed to be completely pain free in about 3 days, and was back to being his normal naughty self.  I feel that Pranic Healing helped avoid colic, and really accelerated his recovery. Thank you, Liza.

D.C., Hillsboro, OR
L.B., Beaverton, OR

What Pranic Healing has done for me in such a very short time is amazing. My fear of cantering my own horse was becoming debilitating in my mind. I was always afraid my horse would spook, take off while being on a trail ride and I would not be able to handle it.  Since going to see Liza, she has performed three sessions for me.  In learning how it works, I have found that my issue went a bit deeper than just cantering my horse. It actually was in my confidence of being alone with my horse while cantering. Having learned that, I have been able to canter my horse alone for the first time on Oct 17, 2010.

The best part about this is that I am learning that Liza was right in saying that once you start, this rolls into other areas of your life. I greatly appreciate the edification Liza has provided. I am a firm believer that ever thing happens for a reason.

L.B., Beaverton, OR
K.V., Portland, OR

I woke up feeling better than I have in months! The problem with the ears is healed!

K.V., Portland, OR
F.S., Eugene, OR

After only four days of doing the Relationship Healing practice, my relationship with my Dad went from feeling like an angry employer who is just about ready to fire me to helpful parent who has my best interests and happiness at heart. Imagine what doing this for six months will bring!!

F.S., Eugene, OR
Level I class

I just want you to know as I’ve been going through my notes and continuing these studies, how grateful I am for your Pranic Healing I class.

There were so many thoughtful touches that made an impact, and set in place good PH habits.  Your teaching was clear and the pace of the class worked really well.  I appreciate that you had a schedule that we were able to follow for class time and breaks, and we were able to get all the info without rushing, and with the ability to ask questions. I am looking forward to taking Level 2 when you begin offering it.

There is SO much info in my notes, I’m astounded.

K.S., Eugene OR (Level I graduate)
Daily Cord Cutting = more energy!

Everything has been going GREAT since our session. I have been doing grounding and cord cutting daily (am and pm) per your instructions and it has been life changing to say the least! Energy is up and I feel a lot more balanced – stronger even. I can’t thank you enough for teaching me!

R.O., Houston Tx
M.B., Portland, OR

I want you to know that I feel so much more like myself– so grounded and normal, and happy.   It was exactly what I needed in order to move out of this fugue. What a difference!  My energy is back, too.

M.B., Portland, OR
Recovery from Bad Reaction

I had a reaction to a homeopathic remedy (from another practitioner) that has caused me a lot of problems. In addition to dramatic swelling and pain I noticed an inability to keep thoughts to myself and there was emotional hemorrhaging.

After one Pranic Healing session with Liza, my body went back to where it was prior to the reaction. The joint pain is better, the swelling in my legs is back to where it was before. I didn’t realize how swollen my face was until after our session.
Probably the most important is that my emotions are back under control. I knew I was off, I didn’t realize just how bad it was though until after the session.
It’s nice to have energy and brain power again.

F.S., Bend, OR
F.S., Eugene, OR Level I graduate

I strained my right forearm yesterday raking gravel and woke up with it extremely sore. This morning I spent some time doing trigger point therapy and some Swedish massage to try and relieve the pain, but that didn’t work. I was sooo not looking forward to morning chores given how bad it was hurting, so while changing into my boots I took literally just a couple of minutes to treat it with Pranic Healing.   I kid you not, it hasn’t hurt since even after two hours of chores that involve some fairly heavy lifting. I am off to clean stalls and get the stallion barn ready for tomorrow’s class.

F.S., Eugene, OR Level I graduate
Lower Back Pain Relief

I felt really good the rest of the day after the treatment, even though it ended up being a really busy afternoon.   But I felt really good, and the next day I had no pain in my lower back.  For me, that is incredible!  In fact, the whole weekend I felt really good, I was in a great mood too!  Took a salt bath on Saturday night which was wonderful!  I so appreciate you taking the time to do that session with me!  No more headaches either!

M.V., Hillsboro, OR
Trade Show Turnaround

After driving 12 hours and a long, intensive week at a trade show, my body and my energy were maxed out – at the red line.    I could not stay on my feet any more, or smile at the customers, or even talk.  Sales were slow and everyone seemed to be saying ‘I can’t afford this.’  I came to Liza and asked her to do a healing on my booth.

Liza told me to go outside and take a walk to refresh myself.  After five minutes, I returned to find a customer waiting for me in my booth, and immediately she bought an opal necklace for $450.  After ten minutes, another customer came and bought two pairs of earrings for $50.  I went over to Liza and gave her a big hug and a million thanks!!

F.F., Walnut Creek, CA
Fever - 2 year old child

I wanted to tell you when I got home Sunday night (after Level I class) my daughter, 2 years old, had a 103 temperature. I put her to bed and did pranic healing on her while she slept. She slept the whole night, which never happens when she has a fever, and woke up without a fever. Then two days later she came down with the same fever, I did the same thing, but this time in the middle of the day and within and hour her fever was gone!
Pretty cool.

S. H., Bend, OR (Level I graduate)
Emotion of Jealousy

I noticed some fairly amazing and unexpected results from our last session, working on clearing the emotion of  jealousy.   The unexpected part is a strange sense of feeling lighter. I notice I am less hungry, almost like the Jealousy was a part of me that needed feeding. Even my interactions with others have a slightly different and lighter hue to them. I wish I could articulate it better. Things were easier with certain people after the session.

I talked to my father and he has some really intense things to say to me and I noticed that even though they would be potentially devastating for me normally that there just wasn’t that edge to them. Somehow the sting of it had been removed.

This work has been so amazing, I can’t tell you the difference it makes in my life on so many levels.  Emotionally I feel like a much better and more well adjusted person.  I literally feel like I have lost an entire pant size!   So Thank You!

S.F., Eugene, OR
G.P., West Linn, OR

Our extended family was suffering because one member had estranged himself from us for about a year and a half. So we all attended the Relationship Healing workshop and learned some simple things we could each do every day to shift the discordant energy. The very next day after the workshop, he called to just say hi, as if nothing had ever been wrong. The following week he arranged to come over to the grandparent’s house and cook dinner for them. We were flabbergasted!

G.P., West Linn, OR
PMS symptoms relieved

Since I hit my mid-30’s I have had monthly problems related to my menstrual cycle. I experienced pms symptoms two weeks before my period: water retention, mood swings, and flu-like achiness and chills. For the first two days of the actual period, I would experience strong abdominal aches and cramping. This happened regularly every single month.
Liza scanned for the problem and treated the energy blockage and congestion related to it. Since then, I have felt none of the prior pms symptoms (except for sugar and salt cravings a few days before my period starts). I do not experience abdominal aching or cramps during my period. It is such a relief not to have to deal with two and a half weeks of physical and emotional discomfort every month. Amazing. Thanks Liza!

J.T., Portland, OR
D.D., Portland, OR

One morning, my 100+ lb dog woke up with an extreme fear of stairs.  Yes, he was on the top floor, and would not descend to go outside.  Not even his breakfast could bring him down.  Trembling, drooling, rapid heart rate and panting, he was quite a sight.  It took two of us to carry him down the stairs.  We thought it was an isolated incident.  After it happened two more times,  I immediately arranged for some emergency Pranic Healing to deal with this issue.  After a week of treatments, he was able to calmly go up and down the stairs with no issue.  Hasn’t happened again since!.

D.D., Portland, OR
Relief from Severe Hornet Sting

Recently I was attacked and stung by a bald face hornet on my left inner arm. Within minutes of the sting I had lost the ability to move the fingers or use the hand at all on the arm. The pain from the sting was amazing. As someone who spends a great deal of time outdoors, this isn’t my first sting, although first time with a hornet. Usually, there is vomiting, scary difficult with breathing, sweating, and the ever so delightful excessive swelling and muscle cramping.
The first thing I did was call Liza, who luckily picked up on the first ring and was able to do an emergency Pranic Healing session. She recommended I go to an emergency room immediately, but there wasn’t enough time to get me to one. I have been allergic to many things for my whole life, and my experience with ER’s was they made the situation worse since I also tend to be allergic to things they want to treat you with for allergic reactions.
Before she started the session, I struggled to breathe on the floor of the bathroom, dry heaving constantly. Within minutes of Liza starting the session my breathing returned to normal and the dry heaving discontinued completely. I was able to get up, and with ice pack in tow, actually lay down for the session in the comfort of my bed (rather than the bathroom floor). After the 20 minute treatment I actually felt good. I ended up being able to go to work for several hours, and while I didn’t feel 100% percent, everyone who knows me and has experienced me being stung was amazed at how well I was doing.
I suspect that part of my rapid response to treatment is due to the fact that I receive regular Pranic Healing treatments as well as doing a daily Pranic Healing practice myself. I feel that Pranic Healing continues to change and save my life in both dramatic and subtle ways. I can’t recommend enough for people with severe allergies the importance of Pranic Healing!

F.S., Creswell, OR
J.A., Eugene, OR, Level I graduate

Kola is a 15 year old paint gelding. He was diagnosed, by his vet, with degenerative joint disease in his right stifle. He also has other joint issues that make it hard for him to tolerate a hoof trim.  This week I spent a few minutes cleaning his joints using Pranic Healing across and down his right hip and leg.  Today the horse shoer started on the front, said he was super excited to see the great hoof growth and went to the right hind.  As usual, Kola positioned himself for the difficult job of holding up the right hind.  He usually lowers his head, spreads his front legs, and braces tightly just counting the seconds until he is done.  Today I did Pranic Healing while Justin trimmed the foot.  As he set the foot down I quickly did a little more Pranic Healing on that area in to ease the discomfort.  Kola did great, he was still a little uncomfortable, but didn’t have the same pained look and was quicker to put weight back on the right hind.  It was also great to hear that the right hind had almost the same hoof growth as the left. Which was not the case the last few trims.

J.A., Eugene, OR, Level I graduate